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Report: Undertaker backstage at WWE Raw (Possible spoiler)

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Undertaker wasn’t advertised for the sold out show at Wells Fargo Center, but his presence was hinted at in the company’s official preview for the last Raw before WrestleMania, where he’s set to face Roman Reigns in what could be his last match. But according to PWInsider, the Dead Man is backstage with WWE in Philadelphia and is likely to appear on tonight’s ‘go home’ show.

When last we saw Taker, he was sitting up to close the show, moments after taking a spear from Reigns on the March 20 edition of the company’s flagship program. The 52 year old Phenom’s movements and facial expressions were heavily scrutinized amidst reports he’s been dealing with pain related to his hip, which is said to require replacement surgery which would likely end his in-ring career.

Between now and that potential operation, however, he’s got one more marquee match-up at an event with which he’s synonymous, and it looks like he’ll make one more appearance tonight to sell his bout with Reigns.