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Mauro Ranallo comments on his absence from WWE, thanks fans for support

SmackDown and 205 Live announcer Mauro Ranallo has missed the last two weeks of WWE television, leading to concern among fans - and some attempts to stir up controversy inside the industry.

One source of worry was that Ranallo, a frequent Twitter user, has been silent on the social media since early last week, when he indicated he might miss the Tuesday, March 14 broadcasts due to weather.

Last night (March 23), Mauro Tweeted out the following, thanking followers for their well-wishes and explaining his absence from the online service as being at his doctor’s orders:

WWE’s explanation for Ranallo missing this past Tuesday’s shows was that he was “out sick”, and this Tweet generally backs that up. Speculation from many, including this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended), is that he may be experiencing a recurrence of the mental health issues he’s dealt with in the past. Mauro has publicly discussed his depression and bipolar diagnoses, and works to raise awareness of and advocate for mental health.

Regardless of what he’s specifically dealing with at this time, it’s good to hear from him and learn that he’s getting help.

Please join Cageside Seats in sending our support to Mauro Ranallo.

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