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Report: WWE in discussions to buy Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcasting

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports their sources have informed them WWE is in discussions with Sinclair Broadcasting Group, parent company of Ring of Honor (ROH), about purchasing the promotion from which they signed stars like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and others.

Multiple people tell Ryan Satin the two companies have been talking since January. Progress has been slow, but the goal is apparently a total buyout, including airing the weekly ROH TV program on WWE Network.

The report specifies there’s no word on if all wrestler contracts would carry over or what the ROH roster might look like after a possible deal is struck. It also clarifies there’s no deal in place - these are only negotiations, and they still could fall through.

Obviously, this isn’t something which will happen imminently. But just that these talks are occurring raises a ton of questions, including ones about the future of NXT, and the agreements WWE’s had in the past with Evolve or their more recent ones with United Kingdom promotions like Progress and ICW.

Stay tuned...