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Kurt Angle: There are ‘numerous matches ahead of me’

Although he’ll be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as the headlining attraction of the 2017 class, Kurt Angle has maintained all along he doesn’t believe he’s done wrestling. Not long ago, reports started making the rounds that WWE does indeed plan on having him wrestle.

He’s still playing coy, however, while stating his confidence he can pass a physical, as told to Sports Illustrated:

"If everything goes the right way with the physical, which I believe I would pass very easily, I believe there is an opportunity for fans to see Kurt Angle wrestle in WWE. But again, I have to reiterate, they have not talked about that at all."

Again, though, he has it in him and he’s not planning to retire just yet:

"I don't think I'm done. I don't think I'm close to being done. I'm not going to tell you that I will wrestle for another five years, but I believe there are numerous matches ahead of me. WWE has not given me any notification that I am going to wrestle, but I believe the fans will speak."

Fans very much want him wrestling again, health permitting, and there are some juicy match-ups on the current WWE roster.

Who do you want to see him wrestle most?

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