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Big Show says WWE is still trying to make Shaq match at WrestleMania 33

WWE announced this past week on Monday Night Raw that Big Show would be participating in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 on Sun., April 2, 2017, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The assumption, then, is the previously planned match with NBA great Shaquille O’Neal was scrapped.

Maybe not.

From his interview with

“I want to do this match. It certainly isn’t on me. I’m serious and dedicated. Whether Shaq has other obligations or business, that’s on him. As far as I know, we’re still trying to make Princess Shaq happy so we can move forward with the match at WrestleMania. I have a lot of respect for Shaq. He’s one of the greatest NBA centers of all time. But here’s the thing, and I say this with all humility, I’m one of the greatest big men ever in the WWE.

“I’m giving Shaq the opportunity to showcase himself at our biggest event of the year. He is an entertainer and he is an attraction, and he is a heck of an athlete. But he’s hemming and hawing saying it’s somebody else’s fault. If you want to do this, come do this. This is something where Shaq saw how great of shape I was in, and he decided to back out. That’s a personal thing on Shaq.”

Rumors suggest the issue could be financial as opposed to any of the trash Show has been talking. Either way, it’s close enough to showtime it seems unlikely the match will be happening, even if WWE is still trying to make Shaq happy.

Oh well.

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