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NXT returns to the United Kingdom in June... without Shinsuke Nakamura?

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NXT is headed back to the United Kingdom this Summer. Since their first trip across the Atlantic back in December 2015, UK crowds have been some of the most enthusiatic for the WWE Network brand, and Triple H is looking to capitalize on that energy for four dates in Scotland and England before hitting the Download music festival for the second straight year.

The rock music festival in Derby was where current NXT champion Bobby Roode worked his first matches for WWE in 2016, but just the look of the above poster has many fans wondering about the absence of the man Roode beat for the belt - Shinsuke Nakamura.

Card subject to change and all that, and we don’t even have a “card” yet, just a promotional image. But Nakamura also isn’t listed on the Download Festival website story announcing NXT’s return, while Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, Kassius Ohno, Asuka, Aleister Black and Roode are. It’s curious they’d omit the man who’s been the brand’s marquee name since Finn Balor was called up to Raw last Summer.

Also interesting is Asuka’s presence. Rumors have targeted her as a potential near-term call-up as well, but not only is she being promoted for these dates, but there isn’t really another female Superstar being advertised (Nikki Cross is on the poster, but as part of Eric Young’s SAnitY stable).

It’s all part of the fun of NXT, especially this time of year. Stay tuned to see who ends up where, and if you’re in Aberdeen, Manchester, Leeds or Brighton, get your tickets this Friday (March 17) here.