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Asuka’s undefeated streak reaches 150 wins

Asuka’s Instagram

For a long time now, WWE has touted NXT Women’s champion Asuka as being undefeated - meaning she hasn’t been pinned or submitted - since joining the company.

In the past week, they started specifically referring to that run as an “undefeated streak” and putting a number to it. They even enlisted the owner of arguably the most famous such streak to promote it, when Goldberg Tweeted congratulations to Asuka for a house show win in Miami which put her victory total at 149.

Here at Cageside Seats, we decided to start a countdown (at the direction of the General, Geno Mrosko), so we can celebrate if/when the Empress of Tomorrow breaks Goldberg’s acknowledged streak of 173.

First, our staff numbers guru, the one and only Cain A. Knight, looked into the data. Using Asuka’s page in The Internet Wrestling Database at, Cain confirmed WWE’s numbers.

Not counting taped but unaired matches, Asuka entered this week having been in 155 WWE matches. Her hand was raised after 149 of those. Five of the other six are multi-person matches where she didn’t take the fall & a battle royal where she was eliminated by going over the top rope. The only singles match she hasn’t won was a 2015 no contest against Dana Brooke.

Which brings us to tonight, Wednesday, March 1. The champ successfully defended her title in singles competition against Peyton Royce, submitted the Australian Superstar with an Asuka Lock.


Watch out Bill.

NXT is on the road in Florida and Ohio this weekend. We’ll keep you posted from here on out as Asuka continues her march toward history.

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