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Kurt Angle: Roman Reigns got the short end of the stick

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Some interesting comments from Kurt Angle during an interview with Busted Open Radio (transcript via Wrestling Inc):

"Yeah that poor kid, he got the short end of the stick. When it comes down to it, it's really not his fault. I'm not discrediting the WWE, I think they've done a fabulous job of pushing this kid. But I think the fans like to see going through the ringer. US Title, Intercontinental Title, King Of The Ring, then the WWE Title. I think Roman kind of stepped up there right away and became the main eventer, main evented WrestleMania literally a year after The Shield broke up. I think it was partly that, but you can't deny his talent. The kid is great in the ring."

Angle knows a little something about coming up through the ranks quickly, considering he won a world championship within a year of making his main roster debut in WWE. Reigns, meanwhile, spent almost two years in The Shield before the group finally broke up.

He didn’t win the title right away, though he was immediately a main event singles talent and it was always clear that was the plan. Is that really the issue? Simply that it happened too fast?

I’ll let you decide if Angle is onto something with that.

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