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Let’s talk about James ‘Big Hog’ Ellsworth

After a few off weeks, Talking Smack is back to being its must-see self... with or without the most must-see Superstar in sports entertainment... and that’s almost entirely thanks to the return of Daniel Bryan to the co-host chair.

Sorry Shane O’Mac, not everybody is good at everything. You stick to jumping off things onto other things and let your General Manager yak it up with Renee Young.

The Feb. 7 episode provided us with a pretty good example of why Bryan is so great in this role. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the reveal of DB and Viktor’s indie tag team, Double Meat, but it definitely was in the same vein. The way Daniel manages to deliver risque anecdotes in his “aww shucks” way can’t be replicated, as this story he used to address Carmella’s relationship with James “Jimmy” Ellsworth, aka “Big Hog”, demonstrated:

And just in case that clip gets disappeared by WWE’s copyright lawyers, here it is in GIF form:

Renee’s uncontrollable laughter is EVERYTHING.

Please don’t ever let Daniel Bryan leave Talking Smack again. Put the show on hiatus when Brie has the baby.

Once you go Bryan, there’s no point in tryin’.


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