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Here’s Nikki Bella’s Natalya impersonation

YouTube channels need content, and John Cena only has so many cars. So it’s a good thing Nikki Bella has discovered her talent for impersonating her co-workers.

After taking a detour last time to use her mimicry skills to make fun of one of her boyfriend’s rivals in AJ Styles, in her latest, the Fearless One is back to mocking her own enemies. Namely Total Divas co-star Natalya, who she’ll face at Elimination Chamber this Sunday (Feb. 12).

The above video isn’t as splashy as some of her past efforts, although it does hit all the beats you’d expect it to - cats, bragging about being a Hart, more cats. I personally think it’s her best impersonation yet, as she really nails Natty’s distinctive style of speaking.

I also get a kick out of the fact that it featuring Renee Young and being filmed on the Talking Smack set likely means they filmed this either right before or after the segment from that show where the Queen of Harts kicked the crap out of Nik:


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