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Next week’s Bayley/Charlotte title match should answer a lot of questions about the Raw Women’s scene

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After coming up short at Royal Rumble, Bayley will get another shot at Charlotte Flair’s Raw Women’s title next Monday night.

The Hugster earned the right by pinning the Queen in a mixed tag match on the Jan. 30 episode of Raw. Last night’s episode of WWE’s flagship show saw a couple developments in their feud - and the women’s division overall.

A distraction by Flair allowed Nia Jax to defeat Bayley. Then Charlotte taunted Sasha Banks in the trainer’s room, planting the seeds for further development of the “Broken Boss” storyline, including possibly her long-rumored return to heel-dom.

There will be a lot to watch for in the Feb. 13 Bayley/Charlotte rematch:

  • Will this feud follow the pattern of Flair’s last rivalry, where she loses the belt on television and regains it on pay-per-view (PPV)?
  • Might Banks interfere, and if so, on whose behalf?
  • Could Jax also get involved?
  • What about Emmalina, who WWE is again saying will finally re-debut after months of teasing?

Raw has trained us to not sleep on Monday night title matches. Chances are, however Charlotte vs. Bayley goes next week, we’ll be one step closer to the rumored 4Way for WrestleMania... or whatever WWE has up their sleeve for the ladies of Team Red in Orlando.

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