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WWE RAW results, recap, reactions (Feb. 6, 2017): The Monster Among Destroyers

The red brand stepped up the action on the way to Fastlane.

This week’s episode of RAW, which aired on the USA Network on February 6, 2017, emanated from Portland, Oregon. The red brand is building towards its brand exclusive WWE Fastlane pay-per-view as well was WrestleMania 33. For full results, check out Reverend Kain’s live blog.

Samoan Joe versus Samoa Joe

The show opened with a video package which mixed Triple H’s promo last week with his history with Seth Rollins, ending with Samoa Joe’s attack on Rollins’. This attack lead to Rollins re-injuring his surgically repaired right knee. After the package, RAW Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon, and General Manager, Mick Foley, in the ring for a contract signing. Samoa Joe was announced, twice, as the hottest free agent in the company. Foley was clearly upset about this contract signing.

Stephanie called Foley out and dressed him down almost immediately and the two had a bit of a back and forth. Samoa Joe took to the microphone, stating it took him 18 years to stand in the ring on RAW. One man opened the door and gave him opportunity. Joe’s loyalty to this man is why he took Rollins out. Samoa Joe then put the entire locker room on notice, saying the Destroyer has arrived and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Of course, this brought out Roman Reigns. He introduced himself to Joe and called himself the baddest man to step into WWE. Reigns warned Joe that the moment he signs the contract, he is stepping in Reigns’ yard. Reigns told Joe that he can either shut up or get his mouth caved in. After that, the two had an intense staredown.

Fired up, Foley made Samoa Joe versus Roman Reigns for later in the night . . . .

For the main event, Samoa Joe attacked Roman Reigns during his entrance, beating him down outside of the ring. And it was a prolonged beating. Joe got into the ring and got out to beat Reigns up more, putting in doubt if the match would even happen. Reigns did manage to get into the ring and the match officially started. And the beat down continued. Reigns began to fight back and the fight went outside of the ring. Reigns sent Joe into the barricade then took Joe back into the ring.

This match was a brutal brawl with Joe being the Destroyer and Reigns refusing to be destroyed. These are two of my favorites here so I am completely biased by saying this match was awesome. Two big, mean bad ass Samoans going at it. I watched one of my dream matches tonight. Thank you, Joes.

As I expected, when it looked like Reigns would win, Strowman interfered and Samoa Joe picked up the victory with a uranage. After the match, Strowman hit a running powerslam on Reigns. Then he hit Reigns with the steel steps. Then he drove Reigns body through the barricade. Who’s the destroyer now?

Kevin Owens: You’re Next!

The WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, and the WWE United States Champion, Chris Jericho, came out to the ring to address the WWE Universe. Owens bragged about escaping his title match against Strowman before Jericho talked about his title defense against Sami Zayn later in the evening. Jericho called himself the greatest of all time and he put Tom Brady on the List for calling himself the GOAT as well. Jericho went on to talk about the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania and suggested a title versus title match; Kevin Owens versus Chris Jericho.

Owens agreed that that would be the biggest main event in the history of the grandest stage of them all. However, KO said that he was not sure he could fight his best friend.

That is when Goldberg’s music hit and his theme plus the "Gold-berg" chants serenaded the WCW legend on his walk to the ring. Once inside the ring with the best friends, Goldberg told KO and Y2J to either step aside or fight him two-on-one. The Canadian besties remained in the corner of the ring as Goldberg accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge for WrestleMania.

KO interrupted and said that Goldberg/Lesnar would make a perfect undercard match for Jericho/Owens. KO went to taunt Goldberg about being champion only for Goldberg to challenge Owens for the title at Fastlane. Jericho attempted to put Goldberg on the List but Goldberg took the list and added himself!

Enraged, Jericho agreed to the Universal Championship for KO, which did not please the champion. So, barring any funny business, Owens will face Goldberg for the Universal Championship. Backstage, KO and Jericho argued about Jericho accepting Goldberg’s challenge with KO storming off and Jericho going, "Come on, man."

I pretty much loved everything about this segment and I am not a Goldberg fan.

Got Your Back, Bud

Before defending his title against Sami Zayn, Jericho gave a backstage interview where he called Zayn’s win the previous week a fluke. KO came to Jericho and reassured KO that things were all good between the two of them and everything would work out because they have each other’s backs.

Owens, true to his word, escorted Jericho to the ring for the United States Championship match against Zayn. The match got the championship in-ring announcements, which made it feel a bit more important than the tag team championship match. Jericho was in fine Grumpy Old Man mode, letting the younger star out-wrestle him in early going.

Zayn was aggressive in his attack, going for a Helluva Kick early, which Jericho ducked out of the ring for. Zayn did connect with a huge suicide dive and took Jericho out. Jericho gained control during the commercial break but could not seem to keep Zayn down. This was a very good, well executed match between the two.

Jericho picked up the victory after a KO superkick and a Codebreaker to retain. KO had Jericho’s back tonight and Jericho will have his against Goldberg.

Now, will that matter? Who knows?

Other Segments/Matches:

  • Bayley versus Nia Jax: Due to pinning the RAW Women’s Champion in a mixed six-person tag match last week, Bayley will challenge Charlotte for the title next week on RAW. Tonight, she took on Nia Jax in a one-on-one match. Jax controlled the pace of the match with Bayley making short comebacks throughout only to get put down over and over. When the action spilled outside of the ring, Bayley got Jax down by running her into the ring post twice. A count out victory was a possibility for the Hugster when Charlotte ran out and got on the ring apron. Bayley attacked the Champ, which led to a Samoan Drop by Jax and a pinfall victory. After the match, Charlotte stood over a defeated Bayley, holding her championship high.
  • Braun Strowman is a god: Strowman was booked in a 4-on-1 handicapped match against 4 local talent. One guy ran away during the match, leaving it a 3-on-1. Strowman pinned all three to win. This was fun if a bit ridiculous. After the match, he was upset those guys were his competition and was he was coming to find Foley. He marched backstage to Foley and told him that he wanted everyone. Foley made a match at Fastlane for Strowman to face Reigns.
  • Akira Tozawa versus Drew Gulak: This was a fast paced and hard hitting match. Tozawa’s style and energy seemed to be a hit with the live crowd. He got the victory with a quick German suplex pin. After the match, Brian Kendrick came out and welcomed Tozawa to the division with a handshake.
  • WWE Tag Team Championship match: Enzo and Big Cass were sitting ringside and it was made known that the team intended to challenge the winners of this bout. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson won by disqualification against Cesaro and Sheamus. Gallows kicked Enzo in the face outside of the ring which made Cass kick him in retaliation. Smart move by Gallows as the former tag champs were in control of the match when it happened.
  • New Day versus the Shining Stars: New Day came on the show at exactly the right time. Please tell me the New Day Ice Cream is going to happen. The New Day got the win with the Midnight Hour in a very good match. ICE CREEEEEAM!!!!
  • 2017 Hall of Fame: The Rock N Roll Express was announced as a part of this year’s inductees.
  • Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks backstage segment: Charlotte belittled Sasha Banks and all Sasha did was sit there and listen to it.
  • King Neville in-ring promo: Austin Aries conducted an in-ring interview with the Cruiserweight Champion. A number one contender Fatal 5 Way match has been set for 205 Live. This segment devolved into a scene where all the potential challengers arrived. A brawl between all six men occurred. Neville refusing to do flippy stuff was the highlight. The brawl turned into a six man tag match.
  • Jack Gallagher, TJ Perkins, and Cedric Alexander versus Neville, Noam Dar, and Tony Nese: Another fun match! Neville walked out on his team and Alexander picked up the victory.
  • Emmalina vignette: Yeah, right. I do not think she’s ever coming.
  • Festival of Friendship: Jericho and Owens will celebrate their love, I mean friendship, with the WWE Universe next week from Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts and Opinions:

This was a fun show that went a long way in building the card for Fastlane. The only small gripe is that two main matches were booked so quickly for the pay-per-view that I feel they could run out of ways to hype the matches. I also had a bit of an issue with how much time Stephanie and Foley talked during the opening segment. I get that they have to sell tension between them but Samoa Joe barely got a word in during his own contract signing.

I like that all tag teams were visible and involved with each other in some way. Enzo and Big Cass seem to finally be slated to get in the championship scene. New Day had a good showing against the Shining Stars. More focus on the tag division is always a good thing.

I was thoroughly entertained by all the in-ring action tonight. I feel like everyone delivered.

Goldberg is going to soon be the WWE Universal Champion and I am not that upset about it. I have a feeling we’re still getting Owens versus Jericho at WrestleMania, though.

WWE did a smart thing tonight. When the show reached the second hour where things usually drag, New Day came out and kept things rolling. That’s a great use of New Day on a three hour show.

I love that Joe is being presented as a straight killer. I am not so much in love with him being presented as Triple H’s killer. The main event segment was the best I have seen from RAW in a long time. The match was amazing and Braun took my breath away at the end. He is legitimately scary but I never want to stop seeing him cause havoc. It is so much fun! He was the MVP of the night.

What I liked the most is that the main angles flowed with each other in a way that has not happened in a while. It’s not major interaction but it a start. Brock/Lesnar is now connected to Owens/Jericho. Samoa Joe is in the middle of Reigns/Braun and is also a part of the on-going tension between Stephanie and Mick.

Overall, I have no major complaints about RAW, except there were a ton of replays. A ton. Much, much better show than last week.

Rating: 9.25 out of 10

What did you think of this week’s show?

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