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DQ finish keeps the tag belts on Anderson & Gallows, and sets up Enzo & Cass as contenders

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Cesaro & Sheamus exercising their rematch clause for the Raw tag team titles was breaking news for WWE earlier today, but the outcome of the match was more of the same for the tag division.

Well... that’s not entirely fair, as the story-driven match on the Feb. 6 episode did introduce new players into the tag title scene. Current champs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and the Swiss Superman & the Celtic Warrior have been battling to non-clean finishes for a while, so Good Brothers retaining via disqualification is par for the course.

But that the DQ came via Enzo Amore & Big Cass, fresh out of their long program with Rusev and looking for something to do, is somewhat fresh. The Realest Guys were sitting ringside, and Gallows decided to cheap shot Zo with a boot. His seven foot buddy intervened, returning the favor. The referee saw it, and Cesaro & Sheamus could only look on in disbelief as their hopes of regaining the belts drifted away.

This likely puts that odd couple team back on the course toward splitting up and resuming the feud which was put on hold when Mick Foley paired them up last year, probably after a Triple Threat at Fastlane that delays a straight-up fight between Enzo & Cass and The Club until WrestleMania.

Or maybe they’ll surprise us all and vary the formula.

Either way, we’ll keep you posted. And you can let us know what you thought of this development in the comments below.

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