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WWE signs Ultimate Warrior’s widow to multi-year ‘brand ambassador’ contract

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Following his passing in 2014 just after being inducted into the Hall of Fame and making a return to Raw, WWE has stayed in the Ultimate Warrior business. In addition to selling merchandise with his name and likeness, and promoting shows featuring him on WWE Network, the company introduced the Warrior Award to their pre-WrestleMania Hall ceremony.

It’s not really the award Warrior pitched during his own induction speech (which was something to honor the behind-the-scenes folks at WWE who toil to put on shows but don’t get any public credit), but it does keep his legacy alive.

That’s something his widow, Dana Warrior is very much invested in, and now she’ll be working with WWE to make that happen. She announced yesterday (Feb. 5) she’s signed a multi-year contract to join the company as a “brand ambassador”. It sounds similar to a Legends deal, where she’ll make public appearances representing WWE, but Warrior plans to put her own spin on things:

The relationship with WWE has built slowly and meaningfully; the way good ones do. From day one it was my mission to preserve my late husband's legacy and ensure his Warriors around the world continued access to his brand of inspiration. I could not have anticipated all the ways WWE would partner with me and then go beyond in sewing Ultimate Warrior into their universe's fabric. I could not have predicted how through this company I would find and develop myself, cultivate and unearth my skills. My roots were already at WWE; they've given me a place to struggle through growing pains but ultimately bloom.

This contract is affirmation of crossing into a new era of Warrior. The next phase honors the Warrior Women amongst us who carry the mantle too. WWE has been championing women emerging as athletes, executives, and business pioneers all along. I am honored to be amongst so many I admire and deeply respect.

While it’s likely more of the same public relations stuff - including the glossing over of some of Warrior’s hurtful views from his days as a self-styled motivational speaker - it’s a way for Dana to support her two daughters and hopefully continue to turn her husband’s memory into something that helps others.

Hard to feel bad about that.

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