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Latest Top 10 video proves what an unsafe work environment WWE is for announcers

Lots of good stuff in a video which brings back a lot of old faces (Coach! Kevin Kelly! Josh Mathews! Tazz! Matt Striker! JR!), and reminds us that #1 on this list will probably never be topped.

R.I.P. Michael Cole’s shoe.

Past "Top Ten"/"Greatest ____" lists from WWE:

- Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part one)
- Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part two)
- Greatest babyface turns
- Greatest heel turns
- Famous Firings
- Funniest falls
- Mic botches
- Shocking returns
- Most memorable debuts
- Greatest slaps
- Most surprising championship changes
- Dramatic Royal Rumble endings
- Funniest moments
- Greatest insults
- Biggest breakups
- Fastest title changes
- Ridiculous reversals
- Finisher combinations
- Defining TakeOver moments
- Craziest kickouts
- Most creative fan chants
- Broken rings
- Shane McMahon's Insanity
- Undertaker's chokeslams
- Chris Jericho attacks
- WrestleMania's Forgotten Celebs
- Stars Kicked Out of Factions
- Most Extreme WrestleMania Moments
- Ringside Invasions
- Outside-the-ring finishers
- McMahon Family Showdowns
- Anti-Superstar conspiracies
- Tag Team Formations
- Extreme Rules moments
- Cold-blooded Superstar betrayals
- Incredible Superstar reunions
- Best catchphrases of the last decade
- Moves that have beaten John Cena
- Before they were famous
- Best impersonations
- Draft Day shockers
- Strangest Battlegrounds
- Impactful Raw debuts
- Superstar pick-up lines
- Superstar Weddings Gone Wrong
- Extreme SummerSlam moments
- Backstage meltdowns
- John Cena World title wins
- Career-threatening match moments
- Rapid-fire finishing moves
- Controversial Finishes
- Goldberg Spears
- Hell-ish Hell in a Cell moments
- Masters of the Superkick
- Wildest Powerbombs
- Sneakiest Superstar disguises
- Manhandled Managers
- Survivor Series debuts
- Raw vs. SmackDown battles
- Superstars smashed through ladders
- Most Dominant Returns
- Superstars Getting Crushed on Cars
- Announce table crash landings
- Big Men Destroying Underdogs
- Guest referees wrecking Superstars
- Mirrored double-team maneuvers
- Tests of strength
- Finishing moves on the stage
- Fastest eliminations in Royal Rumble history
- Best Elimination Chamber matches

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