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Asuka is now the longest reigning singles champ in NXT history


This is my second post in a little over a month dedicated to how Asuka’s run as the fifth wrestler to hold NXT’s Women’s championship is re-writing the history books for WWE’s youngest brand.

There’s no longer any debate about whether she’s passed Paige’s in the record books - the first woman to hold the belt won it on a pre-taped broadcast, but at 311 days and counting, Asuka has now passed her in terms of days between when she actually won the title (308 days) and when her victory was televised (277 days).

While we were focused on that, the Empress of Tomorrow also lapped Finn Bálor’s 292 days with the men’s belt. And The Ascension’s NXT-wide record is in her sights. Konnor & Viktor have the same live/broadcast issue Paige’s reign did, but whether they held the tag titles for 344 or 364 days, if Asuka carries the strap into TakeOver: Orlando, that record will be hers, as well.

And the remarkable thing about these records and numbers is the underlying fact of them: Asuka’s never been pinned or submitted since joining WWE.

NXT is setting Ember Moon up as a challenger, and Nikki Cross came out of San Antonio looking like she could be a threat. But who’s to say she won’t steamroll right through both of them and show up on Raw to challenge Charlotte Flair?

As the longest reigning singles champ in NXT history has said herself on many occassions... “No one is ready for Asuka!”

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