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Sasha Banks, AJ Styles and more WWE Superstars react to Super Bowl LI

Unless you were in media blackout mode last night (Feb. 5), despise all things sportsball, or both, you probably know the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI last night in historic fashion, coming back from down 25 points to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

Whether you watched or not, maybe your curious how your favorite WWE Superstars reacted to the big game. While we’re waiting for Triple H to send Bill Belichick and Tom Brady a WWE title belt with custom Pats side-plates, let’s find out.

First up, New England fans. Fair warning to the many hoping to see a team they consider to be football’s biggest heels get their comeuppance in Houston, the last one might trigger you:

Then there’s the neutral camp of folks who just enjoyed what turned out to be a great game... interestingly lead by West Newbury, Massachusetts’ own John Cena. He’s cultivating his global fan base, after all, and manages to shout out another hometown hero while working in one of his catchphrases:

Then, there’s the poor, poor folks from the ATL. We’ve already seen Xavier Woods deal with the loss - and Pats fan Kofi Kingston - in real-time. Now he’s turning to another of his great loves to get through the pain:

WWE World champ AJ Styles is keeping his chin up, too...

... but as he prepares for the UpUpDownDown Madden finals, video games may not be much of a refuge for him. The Prince of Phenomenal will be playing the Falcons against Seth “The Champ” Rollins, who used the Super Bowl as an opportunity to talk a little trash:

Hope everyone enjoyed the game, and another football season. Now let’s get back on the Road to WrestleMania!

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