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Let’s check in on Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods after the Super Bowl

Poor, poor Xavier.

Fellow New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were on opposite sides tonight when watching the Super Bowl. Kofi is a die hard Patriots fan and Woods, who is from Atlanta, was pulling hard for the Falcons. And likely to Woods’ dismay, his UpUpDownDown channel live streamed them watching the game. And of course, things got interesting for the former tag champs as the Patriots closed a 25 point deficit to tie things up and take things into overtime to eventually win.

You can see the whole thing here (cued up to the moment the game ends but it covers the second half and more after). This quick video tells you much of what you need to know.

Woods’ look of shock is likely shared by Falcons fans everywhere as is Kofi’s elation shared with all Patriots fans. But unlike Falcons fans everywhere, they don’t have to share a hotel room with the notorious trash talking Kofi Kingston.

Poor, Xavier. Poor, poor Xavier.

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