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The 10 best Elimination Chamber match eliminations

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WWE is back with its latest top 10 list and it’s a showcase for the best eliminations in Elimination Chamber matches.

10. Undertaker tombstoning Jeff Hardy straight to hell
9. Christian hitting a splash from the top of the pod to take out Sheamus
8. Carlito and Chris Masters stack up pinning Kane
7. Test hitting an elbow drop onto a steel chair sitting on Rob Van Dam to get RVD out
6. John Morrison splashing Sheamus from the top of the structure
5. Edge spearing Rey Mysterio in mid-air
4. Jeff Hardy’s Swanton bomb on Big Show from the top of the pod before Triple H crawled over to get the pin
3. Undertaker choke slamming MVP off the pod, leading to Finley pinning him
2. Shawn Michaels showing up to hit Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker, giving Chris Jericho the win to make him the new World heavyweight champion
1. John Cena eating a Codebreaker, a 6-1-9, and a spear to get eliminated and lose his title