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There’s only one answer for Triple H’s new WrestleMania 33 opponent: Batista


Seth Rollins is injured and almost certainly missing WrestleMania 33, where he was scheduled for a match against Triple H. WWE, according to reports, doesn’t want to give up on the idea of “The Game” working a match on the show and are pitching ideas for a replacement.

The first idea to leak sounds less than desirable.

But, really, very few ideas involving a Triple H match at WrestleMania sound desirable. But there is one, and I first saw it in an exchange on Twitter:

YES, that is the blood feud we need.

When Batista last left WWE, he did so by turning his back on Evolution because he wanted something Triple H was unwilling to give him, a shot at the WWE world heavyweight championship. He hasn’t been back since, though he was pitched on being a referee in the Triple H vs. Roman Reigns main event match at WrestleMania 32 last year. He reportedly turned it down because he’s only interested in coming back for a meaningful angle, one that would likely lead to his official retirement from professional wrestling.

Guess who he has said he wants to have a retirement match at WrestleMania against?

That’s right.

If WWE is going to insist on Triple H wrestling in Orlando on April 2, there’s only one guy they can call, with a ready made storyline that would lead to a major WrestleMania moment.

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