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New name reportedly surfaces as a potential replacement for Seth Rollins in Triple H match at WrestleMania 33

With reports WWE held an emergency Creative meeting on Wednesday to discuss how Seth Rollins’ injury would impact their booking plans for the WrestleMania 33 - and the shows that will get them there - you had to think they’d come up with more than just the Triple H vs. Samoa Joe idea which was reported.

And, according to PWInsider, there is at least one other possibility being discussed, and it’s one most probably figured would come up - Shane McMahon.

The Game vs. Shane O’Mac would hit a couple of angles WWE loves: Raw vs. SmackDown and McMahon family drama. There’s allegedly some real heat between the two, as well, with a power struggle between Shane and Trips & wife Stephanie McMahon recently covered in a Vice Sports story on the company’s business.

In fact, the biggest issue with Shane vs. Haitch might be that it’s too big a story to tell in the two months WWE has to set-up Mania. But that might be a problem Vince McMahon runs into with any alternative. It’s the risk they took when they kept Hunter off television for more than five months. He’s involved in no other stories outside Rollins’ quest for revenge.

Moving Shane over to work with Trips would probably please a lot of fans who are angry about the rumored current plan for him - a showdown with AJ Styles. Some think it would be “wasting” a Styles’ match if the Phenomenal One works with SmackDown’s commissioner at the Show of Shows. But there aren’t any rumors yet of what AJ would be doing at Mania if he doesn’t wrestle McMahon. We might find we like ‘plan B’ for AJ even less.

The other person who could find his dance card open if WWE goes with Triple H/Shane is Joe. Could a match between the man dubbed “The Destroyer” and John Cena go back on the table? That would be good news for folks bummed that Cena might be booked in a Total Divas-inspired mixed tag with Nikki Bella against The Miz & Maryse while in the midst of perhaps the best run of highly rated matches in his epic career.

One thing this latest rumor definitely confirms is that the Rollins injury has shaken up what looked to be a locked in card for Orlando. Expect numerous reports over the coming weeks about reshuffled plans.

Which gives us lots of opportunities for fantasy booking and speculations - two things wrestling fans love!

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