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WWE provides an update on Seth Rollins’ injury status

After a flurry of news and activity surrounding the knee injury suffered by Seth Rollins on Raw this past Monday (Jan. 30) when the news first broke a couple days ago, things have been kind of quiet.

There’s not much of note in WWE’s update to the situation this morning (Feb. 3), either. The company announces he’ll miss this weekend’s live shows, which anyone who saw the video of his knee bending awkwardly beneath him during Samoa Joe’s takedown, or who read the report from Wrestling Observer saying he suffered a MCL tear, pretty much already assumed.

That they’ll be providing an update on the next episode of Raw, or that they made a point of posting this at all, is another sign they’re interested in keeping Seth’s story in our minds - and therefore their options for WrestleMania 33, where he was supposed to face Triple H, open.

The full extent of Seth Rollins’ injury remains unknown, but can confirm that the former WWE Champion has not been cleared to compete at WWE Live Events this weekend. A full medical update will be given this Monday night on Raw.

Raw should be very interesting, and we’ll have a better picture of the Mania card after we get this update on Rollins, and we see what Goldberg has to say to Brock Lesnar’s challenge from last week.

Tune in, and stick with us here at Cageside Seats for the latest!

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