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Jim Ross’ autobiography set for October 2017 release

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2017 is looking like a good year for wrestling books.

We’ve got Chris Jericho’s latest coming, and AJ Brooks’ debut. Now, add Jim Ross’ first memoir to the list.

JR’s co-writer Paul O’Brien Tweeted yesterday that he’s in the final stretch of work on the book, and Amazon has Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling listed with an October 3 release date.

Here’s the official synopsis:

There are few people who have been in the wrestling business longer than Jim Ross. And those who have made it as long as he has (half a century to be exact) probably made enemies or burned bridges. But that’s just not JR.

Known as the voice of the WWE, Slobberknocker is the story of Jim Ross’s life―probably the most notable person connected to the sport who has never wrestled. He opens up about his life growing up on a farm in Oklahoma and his discovering of wrestling to somehow getting a foot in the door to the business that started a historic career, one where he held almost every job in the business―from putting up the ring to calling matches, to finding talent, to booking programs, to handling payroll. With all those responsibilities, he’s also recognized as the man who built and nurtured a once-in-a-generation talent roster that took the WWE to new heights, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock to name a few. Readers will finally get the opportunity to hear never-before-told stories about the politics and personalities of all the biggest stars.

But this isn’t just a wrestling story. It’s a story about overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams. As someone who has suffered multiple bouts of Bell’s Palsy, Ross has never given up on a dream that is still going strong.

Currently the host of the podcast The Ross Report, any fan of wrestling―from the territory days to today―will be enthralled with stories from the road and behind the scenes. Slobberknocker is the first time Ross tells his story―and you don’t want to miss it!

The Oklahoman is a legend because of his gift for telling stories about what’s going on in the ring, so this should be good - especially if he’s been saving some juicy backstage stories for a project like this.

What do you think, Cagesiders? We getting any new details on JR’s exit from WWE? Picking up the book anyway?

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