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Dana Brooke does not appreciate the internet calling her out for messing up

On Raw last night (Feb. 27), Dana Brooke was kept out of the women’s tag match, in story, by her mentor Charlotte Flair. The Queen opted to go with Nia Jax against Bayley & Sasha Banks... which makes sense, considering Jax isn’t like most girls, in that she can destroy any wrestler WWE put in a ring with her without breaking a sweat.

Trouble is, Brooke (who’s already seen her television ring and screen time diminish since failing to get her feet on the ropes for a dirty pin of Bayley back in October) kind of proved Charlotte and the agents who booked that segment right when she tried and failed to grab the Hugster’s feet while she was running the ropes.

Popular Twitter and Tumblr account Total Divas Episodes (TDE) captured the moment in a GIF...

... and, look, it sucks to mess up even a little bit under such a bright spotlight, and 90% of those of us online haven’t even tried to do something as basic as this move, so we don’t know how hard it is or isn’t. But it’s also just funny. We all make mistakes, and especially with the internet, it’s usually the best course of action to laugh at them and try to move forward.

Last night, Brooke wasn’t in the mood to do so, and fired back with a response:

... which... I... hmmm. Let me just embed TDE’s response (not that they had any words for it either):

Sorry, Dana. We do appreciate your hard work, and you looked great last night, btw.

But this is just funny.

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