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The Oscars booked a ‘Dusty finish’ and made The Rock raise the People’s Eyebrow for real

In case you don’t like movies, or award shows, or staying up past midnight for shows where they give awards to movies, you might have missed a moment that generated quite a few Tweets, memes and other “shareable content” from Sunday, Feb. 26’s 89th Academy Awards.

It will probably also be referenced by New Day and/or the Raw announce team in some way tonight, so consider this our way of keeping the fan who only watches pro wrestling up to speed.

Every year, the last Oscar of the evening is given to the film voted Best Picture. To put it wrestling terms - because, trust me, we’ll be returning to our beloved world of scripted fighting often in this story - it’s the main event of the card. This year, it was believed the Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone musical La La Land would win. Believed, like the way we believed Undertaker would beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, or that Brock would defeat Goldberg last November.

And that’s what happened... for a moment.

The team responsible for La La Land took the stage and accepted their trophies as someone got word to host Jimmy Kimmel and presenter Warren Beatty that there’d been a mistake. La La Land did not win its seventh Oscar of the night. Best Picture was supposed to go to Moonlight.

Setting aside for a moment that Moonlight, a small budget film depicting the story of a gay black man growing up in Miami, just pulled off a “Kevin Owens beating John Cena at Elimination Chamber 2015”-level underdog victory... by handing the belt to La La Land before the officials conferred and made them hand it to Moonlight, the Academy Awards just booked a Dusty Finish.

(I’d give credit to whoever made that joke first, but it’s too prevalent online to pinpoint the source, so I’ll just make it clear - I didn’t come up with it)

But that’s not all!

Because he’s the biggest box office star in the world, our man Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was front and center when this all went down. Other than being a reminder that a guy we’ve watched make “Poontang Pie” jokes now sits with Ben Affleck and Meryl Streep at the freaking Academy Awards, it also provides another wrestling tie-in.

Even a performer who was part of some wild twists and turns during the Attitude Era had to raise a People’s Eyebrow at this booking decision:

Also - that’s Sting! Different one, but still...

There you have it. In 2017, pro wrestling tropes have dominated politics and mainstream show business, just to name a couple more “respectable” arenas.

So don’t let anybody give you crap about loving the graps.

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