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The Oscars, WWE style (2017 edition)

Continuing a tradition they began last year, is again celebrating Academy Awards weekend with some mock movie posters of their own.

You can see all six of them here. Each “honors” a 2016 film that’s up for an Oscar (or several) at the ceremony happening this Sunday, Feb. 26. They’re all good, and while my absurdist heart has a soft-spot for anything that does something like cast Randy Orton in The Lobster, in reviewing them with the gang in the Cageside offices, two stood out as really special.

First up is Lana & Rusev’s “first musical comedy”. Initially, I thought this was my favorite of the six, thanks to Mr. & Mrs. RuRu having more chemistry than La La Land’s Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone, and the “From the Director of Handsome” line...

But this Manchester by the Sea spoof is a treasure trove of comedy. Everything on this bad boy is funny, from the fake critics’ quotes to the imaginary film festivals where it’s been screened to the amazing credits...

Check them all out. Then tell us which is your favorite and why it’s Man-Beast by the Sea.

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