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Finn Balor really isn’t medically cleared, but he likely will be very soon


Finn Balor is not medically cleared. WWE wanted to make that as clear as possible when passing around video of his returning to NXT to kick all kinds of ass while looking 100-percent healthy (that’s not even mentioning how ridiculous his abs look).

But, again, he’s not medically cleared.

No, really, he’s not.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, that’s accurate. He really isn’t medically cleared, even if he’s getting physical and he’s currently advertised for house shows in March. This just makes his getting cleared seem like a formality. Sheet notes his next evaluation is scheduled for early next month.

After that, assuming he gets good news and, again, it sure looks like there’s zero reason to believe he won’t, he’ll be all systems go. Then we can start thinking about what he may or may not be doing at WrestleMania 33.


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