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WWE UK tournament wrestlers will work WWE UK tour in May

When WWE hits the United Kingdom for its annual springtime tour this year, it will do so with wrestlers from the UK Championship Tournament, at least for select events.

Here’s who is scheduled to appear at various shows:

  • Tyler Bate
  • Trent Seven
  • Wolfgang
  • Joseph Conners
  • Tyson T-Bone
  • Mark Andrews
  • James Drake
  • Dan Moloney
  • Sam Gradwell
  • Saxon Huxley
  • Tucker
  • Jordan Devlin
  • Pete Dunne

That’s all subject to change, of course, as the standard disclaimer notes. WWE will run seven dates from May 4 to May 12 in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England. The idea, of course, is to help get these wrestlers over in such a way that the company can build them to the point they can stand alone.

That’s still a ways away, but expect to see more of this in the future.

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