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Chris Jericho and his cervical injuries return at WWE house show in Germany

We haven’t heard much about Chris Jericho since he was taken to a Las Vegas medical facility following the Festival of Friendship on Feb. 13’s Raw. His former best friend-turned-assailant Kevin Owens refused to address the topic this past Monday, while Michael Cole & team mostly parroted the company line from’s story on his injuries.

But, ever the company man, Y2J managed to fight through the pain and get on a trans-Atlantic flight for Raw’s tour of Germany. Walking with the aid of a crutch and wearing a neck brace, Jericho vowed to get revenge on Owens.

Sounds like he’s in babyface mode, and considering KO’s attack was one of the more straight-up acts of villainy we’ve seen on WWE television in recent memory, that’s probably the right call. Plus, the feud should give Jericho an opportunity to play a different kind of good guy character - cleansing our pallete a bit from the “cool dad” schtick which preceded his 2016 heel turn.

You ready to drink this in, Cagesiders?

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