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Daniel Bryan tells Mick Foley to ‘suck it’ because of how much time SmackDown gave women on Feb. 21

We already discussed one WWE General Manager beef from Tuesday, Feb. 21, and why SmackDown got off the hook for something which, had they done it, Raw would have gotten a lot of criticism.

Here’s the other inter-brand issue that was raised by Blue Brand GM Daniel Bryan - and is another reason fans cut SmackDown a lot of slack:

Women’s wrestling, and angles related to it, was on our screens A LOT last night.

We’ll drill into the numbers in a moment, but just taking a high-level view, the episode started with an in-ring interview addressing Naomi’s injury, which set up a title match between Alexa Bliss & Becky Lynch and later featured a commercial break-spanning match between Nikki Bella & Natalya.

Which led to DB throwing it in the face of his Monday night “competition” on Talking Smack:

Do you know what? I just right now want to tell Mick Foley he can suck it. Right? He can suck it.

Because listen to this: the SmackDown women were in the first three segments of SmackDown Live, then there was a tag match, then the SmackDown women were in another two segments. The SmackDown women were in over half the show! Let's see the Raw women do an hour and a half of TV, they're not gonna do it.

How accurate are The Beard’s numbers? We went to our own official timekeeper, the one and only Cain A. Knight, for a ruling.

While we can debate whether DB’s entrance & opening remarks should count from the segment where Naomi forfeited her title, and whether Maryse standing by her husband & whispering in his ear during Miz’s pre-battle royal promo deems inclusion, Cain came up with roughly 40 minutes of air time for women in an 84 minute (commercials removed) broadcast, or 47.6%.

So, Bryan’s “over half the show” is not correct. But still!

Even better, the nearly 50% of airtime given to women was not confined to a single feud, or one “historic” match. A new champ was crowned - one who’s now an even bigger heel than she was before, which gives the injured former titleholder a ready-made story when she comes back for the belt she never lost - the Lynch/Mickie James issue was continued, and the Falls Count Anywhere match wrapped one feud for Nikki while starting her next one.

His words were a little harsh, and Bryan even confessed he doesn’t know what it means - it’s just something they say in wrestling - but he’s allowed to celebrate this.

So, yeah, sorry Mick. “Suck it”.

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