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The Rock comments on his post-Raw call to CM Punk

While it’s not exactly an in-depth explanation, and it’s certainly not an apology, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has commented on his post-Raw segment where he called CM Punk from the ring at Staples Center on Monday, Feb. 19... allegedly to the consternation of WWE management.

In ReTweeting a story about the bit, Rocky said this:

The one thing this Tweet addresses directly is whether or not the voicemail was a pre-meditated bit, as some have wondered. Johnson knew he’d be mentioning AJ Lee, Punk’s wife, when setting up the scene about to be filmed for Fighting With My Family and could have anticipated the Los Angeles crowd chanting for her husband. That could still be the case, but considering how most current day Rock promos go, it’s easy to believe him when he says he was improvising.

You have to do a deeper read to see this as any kind of response to the reports from Wrestling Observer and PWInsider that his call angered Vince McMahon & Triple H. There’s a decent chance the busiest man in Hollywood isn’t even aware of those stories.

But if he is, and/or if Vince and team made him aware of their displeasure on Monday, saying “I gave the people want they wanted and they & I had fun” is a good shutdown.

Is this “controversy” over? What do you think, Cagesiders?

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