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Vince McMahon & Triple H were reportedly not happy with The Rock calling CM Punk during Raw dark segment

Triple H Stephanie McMahon

Vince McMahon may wish he really had fired The Rock before Raw in Los Angeles last night (Feb. 20).

That’s because, according to PWInsider, not only was WWE not involved in planning or even informed about Dwayne Johnson’s segment where he responded to a post-show CM Punk chant by calling the former Superstar, but “management did not appear to have been happy” when Rock included Punk in his act.

In their subscription-only Elite section (as via Wrestling Inc), Insider reported Triple H and Vince McMahon were clearly bothered by the mentions of their former World champion - especially Trips.

There were a couple moments during the segment, where Johnson was entertaining the crowd and getting them ready for filming on the Paige movie he’s producing, Fighting With My Family, that are even more interesting in light of this report. One came early on when Johnson first told the crowd he would call Punk. His microphone appeared to go out, and the movie star said to the crowd “they better not turn off my mic”.

Live reports also indicated a referee ran to the ring while Rock tried FaceTiming Punk shortly after leaving a voicemail. The official appeared to signal for him to move on, after which Johnson didn’t bring up his 2013 Royal Rumble opponent again. In fact, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), Bryan Alvarez says, “"Vince sent a referee down to tell Rock to stop calling CM Punk."

Punk, of course, famously left the company after the ‘14 Rumble, and took part in a two-part interview on his friend Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast where he was critical of everything from WWE’s booking to their medical staff & procedures. Complaints about the latter led to a still ongoing legal suit where Dr. Chris Amman, allegedly with backing from the company, sued Punk for slander.

Those podcasts also revealed that Punk viewed a match with Triple H at WrestleMania 30 as something he neither wanted or needed - which could help explain why The Game wasn’t thrilled last night.

Seems like a lot of drama for a dark match segment, but that’s the risk WWE takes when they continue to give Rocky a live microphone and no script.

Good thing he’s The Rock and WWE needs him, or he might actually get fired.

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