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Kofi Kingston & Big E just ruined New Day ice cream

While it’s not what some of us envisioned for the trio after their record-setting run as WWE Raw tag team champions, New Day’s recent foray into the ice cream business is a step up from their angle with Titus O’Neil.

It’s still not doing much with regards to pushing the group or any of its members up the card on Monday nights, but it’s made for much better comedy. Now, following up on Feb. 13’s silliness with Bo Dallas destroying their top secret “ice cream blueprints”, Kofi Kingston & Big E are discussing the ad campaign for their frozen treats.


While we’ve all come (no pun intended) to expect this kind of humor from E, this talk of cream shooting from the real mega-dad of the year is a little shocking.

I’d tell you to make sure your kids aren’t reading this, but they already shouldn’t be around Kofi.

He will fight them, you know.

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