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Diamond Dallas Page announced for WWE Hall of Fame


WWE announced moments ago that WCW World Champion-turned-fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page will join Kurt Angle, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express & Teddy Long in the 2017 class of inductees to their Hall of Fame.

Page, known by pretty much everyone as DDP, got into the business late, starting as a manager in the AWA in his 30s. He moved into the ring, and to WCW, in the 1990s where he had some success as a mid-card heel.

After Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall launched one of the hottest stables in wrestling history in the nWo, DDP found his greatest success in sports entertainment. Turning down membership in the group resulted in his becoming one of WCW’s top babyfaces of the Monday Night War era. Having a mega-over finisher, the Diamond Cutter, didn’t hurt either.

WWE recognized his post-retirement career as the founder of DDPYoga and a life-coach & motivator almost as much as his wrestling accomplishments. His fitness program has helped thousands of people lose weight, get in shape and change their lives, and his work with troubled wrestlers like Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts - going as far as moving them into his Georgia home to assist their recoveries - is the stuff of legend.

Congrats, Dallas! It really couldn’t happen to a more deserving human being.

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