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‘Fighting With My Family’ filming at Raw tonight; does that mean The Rock will be there?

Things are moving fast on Fighting With My Family, the movie based on Paige’s family and her rise to WWE being produced by The Rock and WWE Studios.

Not only is the cast in place, but filming has already begun. And with Raw in Los Angeles, the director Stephen Merchant is taking advantage of having a set basically built for them by WWE.

Dwayne Johnson, who seems to be playing himself, has been sending out updates on social media - including this one, which gives us a first-look at Florence Pugh as Paige:

And indicating he got a chance to work with his Be Cool co-star Vince Vaughn, who most signs point to playing Jake “The Snake” Roberts:

With the production planning to film on Monday night in order to take advantage of a Staples Center full of extras, there are rumors going around that The Rock will be on Raw. There’s nothing in Rocky’s numerous posts on the shoot which rule that out, but there’s indicators we shouldn’t get our hopes up. The above Instagram says “the production” will be at Raw, not that he will, and a separate one says “I shoot all my scenes this Sunday”.

Now, even if he’s not on Merchant’s set, Johnson is in the Southern California area shooting the upcoming season of HBO’s Ballers. And it’s not like the tireless box office superstar hasn’t found a way to squeeze 20-30 script-free minutes for a WWE television appearance into his busy schedule in the past.

We’ll just have to tune in and find out. While we’re waiting, we can try to spot Thea Trinidad’s Divas champion and guess if she’s playing Candice Michelle, Layla El, Melina, AJ Lee or some amalgamation of pre-”Women’s Evolution” female Superstars.

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