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Sasha Banks is taking Maybelline to Judge Judy for gimmick infringement

Sasha Banks was making towns in California this weekend, as a Boss is wont to do, when she came across this advertisment the cosmetics section...

As you can see from her Tweet, it’s enough to make a three-time Raw Women’s champion consider taking Maybelline to court for gimmick infringement... or at least ask a therapist to intervene so does something she might regret.

If she does get the L'Oréal subsidiary on the stand, Sasha should hire Xavier Woods. Not only does he have a PhD, but he also has a good grasp of the basic argument and isn’t afraid to use the make-up company’s own catchphrase against them to prove it.

Plus, Woods is demonstrating a keen public relations sense, adding Maury Povich and The View’s Whoopi Goldberg to the list of witnesses.

Here at Cageside Court, we’re ready to call this case closed.

What say you, gentleman and ladies of the jury?

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