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WrestleMania 33 match card rumors (Updated)

Just last week, before the Royal Rumble, we looked at the rumored match card for WrestleMania 33. Not TOO much has changed since then but there have been some updates.

The card as it stands now, and again this is all according to various rumors and reports and none of this is official just yet:

- Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

The former challenged the latter to a match on Raw this past week and Goldberg is promising an answer on next week’s episode of Raw.

- Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker

They set this up in the Royal Rumble match by having Reigns come up from behind and throw Undertaker out. They’ve yet to follow up on it on television otherwise.

- Triple H vs. TBA

Seth Rollins was originally set for this spot, as they have been building to for some time now, but his injury will likely keep him from working the show. An emergency meeting was reportedly held to determine a back up plan but it’s unclear just yet what that could be.

- Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho

They’ve been teasing it forever and it only seems natural to pay it off on the biggest stage possible.

- Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

Orton won the Royal Rumble match, so he’s getting a title shot. That would mean Wyatt is winning the Elimination Chamber match to take the title from John Cena, as has been rumored.

- John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

There’s been nothing on television to indicate this is the direction just yet but they’ll have plenty of time to set up for it after Elimination Chamber, which is just over one week away. Rumors suggest it could be Nikki’s last match.

- Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

It’s essentially the entire Raw women’s division in a title match. They’ve all been involved with each other in some way or another over the past couple months, so it makes sense.

- AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon

There’s been some build to this in the sense that Styles and McMahon have gone after each other in promos on television but there hasn’t been a hard sell for it just yet.

- Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal

This has been planned for a long time now, and they’ve already run angles and promos dating back to the ESPY Awards, where Show challenged Shaq to the match.

- Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

This is the match where a lot of stars who don’t have anything else to do can find their way onto the card. Braun Strowman looks to be a clear favorite right now.

This doesn’t include Dean Ambrose and the Intercontinental championship, Alexa Bliss and the SmackDown Live women’s championship, or either brand’s tag team titles. The two-hour pre-show would likely host some of those matches, whatever they may be.

Thoughts on the card?

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