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John Cena: Big Show really has something to prove at WrestleMania 33

TMZ caught up with John Cena and asked him what advice he might give to Shaquille O’Neal, who is scheduled to wrestle Big Show at WrestleMania 33. Cena’s response was surprisingly insightful, and quite the sales pitch:

"I just got to hang out with Shaq filming Carpool Karaoke. Shaq is such an awesome dude. Don't underestimate Big Show. He's taking it very seriously and he is in great shape. I've known Show for 15 years and he has truly transformed his body. I think that he's really got something to prove this year at WrestleMania. Keep in mind this is a guy that two years ago was serenaded by the audience to chants of 'please retire,' and I know that kind of hit him close. I know he's busting ass to make sure he makes his mark on WrestleMania. So, Shaq I loved hanging out with you and it was a bunch of fun but my man Show is going to take it serious. If you want hype, that's hype."

I was sold the moment the match was announced but this is a nice extra layer.

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