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Kurt Angle thinks social media helped him get in the WWE Hall of Fame

During an interview with Forbes, Kurt Angle, who will headline the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017, revealed he believes that part of the credit for that fact should go to social media.

His words:

"I believe that social media has made it much easier for the fans to semi-control what's going on. When somebody's in high demand, after a while, WWE can't ignore it. Daniel Bryan is a great example. So, I think that social media has given the fans a bigger voice and it's gotten to the point where companies can't ignore it anymore. If you're hot, you're hot. I believe maybe social media maybe had a little bit to do with me being able to come back to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. A lot of fans want to see Kurt Angle, one last run in the WWE and it's become so consistent, it's crazy and I'm actually in shock at how much support I get on social media."

Social media undoubtedly has some level of influence on WWE — hell, they used to do voting for match stipulations through it — but can we really credit Angle’s return and Hall of Fame induction, even in some small way like he mentions, to fans asking for it long and loud enough on Twitter?

Perhaps there’s some validity to it. Then again, that influence can only go so far, considering Roman Reigns’ consistent push over the years.

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