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AJ Styles says TNA ‘flattened’ his ego


AJ Styles was a guest at the Wizard World Portland convention last night (Feb. 17).

His Friday night Q & A session featured several good quotes - what he learned about psychology from John Cena (“let’s make ‘em care about the match before we even step foot in the ring”) or which member of the WWE Women’s roster he’d have join The Club (“Every now and then I catch Becky throwing up a ‘Too Sweet'“) - but it was how he chose to answer a question about his journey to WWE that stood out to me:

Ring of Honor treated me real well, and New Japan treated me like a superstar. So I’ve got to give credit to them, who helped boost my ego a little bit because it was definitely flattened due to TNA’s service.

But then — doing all that and then having the opportunity to come to WWE and… you know, whether people like it or not, WWE is easy, the biggest - you know, when it comes to wrestling, it doesn’t get any bigger than the WWE. And being there means you’ve finally made it.

Styles always walks kind of a fine line when discussing the company he was synonymous with for more than a decade, but it seems like the more success he experiences elsewhere, the more reflects more critically on his time with TNA.

Which is understandable - and logical. While not many may have predicted his so quickly reaching the upper echelon of WWE Superstars, pretty much everybody knew he was better than the baby mama drama and other material which marked too much of his time on Impact Wrestling.

But thinking about Claire Lynch is a downer - let’s fantasy book the Becky Lynch being mean and making green!

H/T: 411mania

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