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Finn Bálor advertised for pre-WrestleMania WWE Live events

Well, this is curious.

Digging into the “Tickets & Events” section of, several people have noticed former Universal champion Finn Bálor is listed among the “Featured Superstars” on a handful of shows next month (March 2017).

Bálor has, of course, been out since SummerSlam due to a shoulder injury, and the surgery and six-to-nine months of rehabilitation required to correct the torn labrum and various muscle, tendon & bone damage which occurred during his match with Seth Rollins at that pay-per-view (PPV). After a lot of wishful speculation from fans (and no small amount of teasing from Finn), a hoped-for Royal Rumble return didn’t happen, and all eyes shifted to WrestleMania 33.

Both the Irishman and his employers have been fairly open about Bálor’s comeback being imminent. He’s been saying Mania is the goal for a while now, and WWE has a documentary special on his road back ready to roll out on their streaming Network.

So, it’s not surprising that “the Demon King” will return in March. But it will be a surprise if that return happens with little fanfare in Buffalo, New York on Friday, Mar. 10.

That’s one of the three dates Finn’s currently advertised for, along with the following night in Toronto and then the Sunday before Mania, Mar. 26, in White Plains, New York.

Westchester County Center website

Cards are, always and of course, subject to change, and being on one of these house shows doesn’t mean WWE won’t roll him out in a big, surprising way on Raw one Monday night next month.

But with his return seeming more and more like a sure thing, the questions become... what will he be doing in Orlando? Who will he work with? Is their room on the card?

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are fans in New York and Ontario going to be the first to see Finn? And... then what happens?

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