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A ‘WWE 24’ special on Finn Bálor’s comeback is headed to the Network

The behind-the-scenes series WWE 24 has produced some memorable content for the Network over the last couple years, so Finn Bálor teasing an episode documenting his comeback from shoulder surgery - timed to coincide with a reported return to the ring before/during/after WrestleMania 33 - is pretty exciting.

The first-ever Universal champion posted a clip to his Twitter:

This should fire up the fans for the Demon King’s triumphant return. And unlike the last edition focused on a Superstar’s rehab efforts, “Seth Rollins: Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim.”, Creative presumably won’t have Finn come out and insult the crowd or brag about injuring other wrestlers while folks are trying to cheer him.

No release date yet, but - like Bálor’s return - expect it soon.


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