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I am mesmerized by Bray Wyatt

Look at the profile photo WWE has for Bray Wyatt in its “Superstars” section on the company website. Be prepared to be mesmerized by it:

Right away, it’s incredible to be confronted with the image of Bray Wyatt as WWE champion. How amazing is that?!? The dude who showed up on the scene and told us that everything is not all right, that he never sleeps but is always dreaming, that he is the color red in a world of black and white, is WWE champion. This man once said he would build his empire next to the sea so he could smile from his throne while he watched his enemies drown.

Look how happy he is! Those wild eyes that are still somehow so calculating. He is mania. He is a killer who now has his token, and he couldn’t be more pleased with it.

I am mesmerized.

He is forever.

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