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Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk someday? ‘There’s always that possibility out there’

Samoa Joe was interviewed by Helen Yee of Eyes on the Game recently and, naturally, she brought up his friendship with former WWE star turned mixed martial artist CM Punk. When asked if they talked after Joe finally made it to WWE, he revealed what his old traveling buddy said:

"...I remember for years he was kind of championing my cause to be in the WWE and to see me now, he's like 'Oh, of course, the minute I'm gone, you're here.’ Between me and him, it's always been a very interesting relationship, we're kind of like brothers who fight all the time."

Naturally, the follow up was to ask if a match between the two could ever take place and Joe gave the most pro wrestling answer:

"It's funny, the thing about wrestling in general is that nothing is ever impossible. There's always that possibility out there. You never know, you might see us all reunited back in the ring again."

Even if it did, it almost certainly wouldn’t be in WWE. Still, it’s a reminder that despite his lack of success in his brief run in MMA, and how much he’s alienated parts of his fan base through various means over the past couple years, the idea of a Punk vs. Joe match still sounds like a pay-per-view main event we would all pay money to see.

Maybe someday.

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