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Report: Kurt Angle will (likely) wrestle in WWE again

Just over one week ago, Kurt Angle made it clear he’s not done wrestling and he hopes to have another match in WWE. He was also clear that he hasn’t had any discussions about doing so but he does think it will happen.

And it will.

That’s according to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended), at least. The report notes the plan as of now is “for Angle to do at least some wrestling in WWE.” How much wrestling he would do is up for debate but it seems obvious he wouldn’t be asked to work anything even close to a part-time schedule.

He’ll also have to pass a physical first.

Assuming he does so, he’ll finally get the chance to work with any of the many wrestlers he commented on wanting to get in the ring with, like Roman Reigns, or AJ Styles, or literally anyone else on the current WWE roster. The possibilities are endless.

Cue the salivating.

Assuming he gets cleared, who do you want Angle to wrestle?

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