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How Eva Marie deals with all the hate she gets

From the above Q&A she posted:

"You know what, it's one of those things where I think we live in a day and age where social media makes things so much more accessible. So anybody that has a phone or a computer, all they have to do is go on and use their keyboard and say something that they wouldn't normally say to somebody if they actually saw them face-to-face in person. I think that is a really big difference too. But for me personally, when I first started WWE that was my first time being on social media, so it was very, very new to me, and I'm not going to lie, when you first see negative comments or people saying bad things about you... we're all human, it doesn't feel good. We all want to be liked and accepted. Sure, it's going to hurt or sting a little bit but at the end of the day you have to remember these people don't know you. They have no idea how you are as a person, how you interact with people on a day-to-day basis, and, if anything, I kind of feel bad for anybody that feels the need to go on social media and leave something negative because what good is that doing? I don't think that's a very positive way to be. So for me it's kind of like those people don't affect my day-to-day life, so you can't really take it to heart. Plus, as long as you're doing your best, you're living your life that makes you feel good, and the people around you know who you are, I think that's all that matters. So try not to really listen to hate too much. Block that shit out. Nobody likes a little hater."

Considering the hate she gets, in terms of both volume and viciousness, that she can maintain an attitude like this after all this time is utterly incredible. It’s also an inspiration for anyone who gets anything similar, even if it’s to a much lesser degree.

I always try to remember a quote widely attributed to Abraham Hicks: “People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you.”

In the full Q&A she addresses her hair, her clothing line, and her Hollywood aspirations. Sadly, she does not address her status with WWE and when we might see her back in the ring.

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