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Miz is even doing Daniel Bryan’s moves in his movies

There’s a lot to love in the brief trailer for Marine 5: Battleground, which you can watch above.

Curtis Axel proving he’s always the Axe Man, no matter where he goes. Bo Dallas fully committing to another character, this one a face-tatted biker. Heath Slater... getting some money to take home to his kids, I guess?

Sadly, for those of you who followed the “Trinity is afraid of motorcycles” storyline on Total Divas, Naomi is only seen here as one of many leather-clad people trying to kick Miz’s ass, so you’ll have to plop down your hard-earned cash to stream the movie on March 28 or buy the Blu-Ray on April 25 to see how well she conquered her fears. And despite never playing a damsel in distress on SmackDown, it looks like that’s Maryse’s role here.

But! The important takeaway, aside from his ability to deliver a Clint Eastwood circa 1988 line, is that Miz is carrying his feud with Daniel Bryan into a whole new realm... even while playing Jake Carter, the A-Lister is tormenting his General Manager by using that running knee.

Sure, he doesn’t follow it with the flat-back drop, and we don’t have Mauro Ranallo calling it a “Baisuke” knee. He’s still totally sending a message to DB, though.

Or it’s a slow news day.

But Marine 5!

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