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Naomi got her sideplates - will she get to defend the SmackDown Women’s title?

While she didn’t get a video documenting their installation like the other new champion on SmackDown (yet, anyway), Naomi did receive her custome sideplates for the blue brand’s Women’s title.

Check them out - it’s a simple but very cool design:

It's time to #FeelTheGlow ... @trinity_fatu is up on #SDLive NEXT! #WWE

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Now, we turn our attention to whether or not she’ll be able to defend the belt, or if WWE will just be swapping Alexa Bliss’ plates back into the strap.

That’s because, as revealed on SmackDown last night (Feb. 14), Naomi suffered an unspecified knee injury while defeating Bliss this past Sunday at Elimination Chamber. She says, and the rumor mill confirms, that while the injury is real, the new champ will work through it.

But it’s also a storyline - of course - with Bliss giving Naomi one week to give her her rematch, and claiming that is she doesn’t, Alexa will “snatch” the belt back on her own.

It’s not clear Little Miss Bliss has the authority to take back the title if Naomi’s not cleared last week - General Manager Daniel Bryan didn’t level any ultimatums at the Mistress of Glow on Talking Smack - but we’ve got a long way to go to WrestleMania.

Will those new sideplates stay on the Women’s championship all the way to Naomi’s hometown of Orlando?

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