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Report: Emmalina was nixed because Emma couldn’t play the character WWE wanted

After 17 weeks of vignettes, Emmalina “premiered” on Monday Night Raw this week in Las Vegas. She spent all of a minute or two on screen, and all she said was that she was going back to being Emma.

So what happened?

A new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet indicates WWE nixed the idea after a series of rehearsals failed to live up to the expectations they had for the character, which was supposed to be something like Sable. The issue, according to the report, is Emma wasn’t committing enough, or at least WWE officials felt that way, so they decided to drop the whole thing.

At least with her.

One wonders what this could mean for Emma’s future, at least with regards to her television character once it reverts back to Evil Emma, assuming that’s what they’re going to do.

Stay tuned.

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