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Heath Slater & The Ascension had their car broken into in Oakland

SmackDown house shows seem to be a popular target for criminals.

Less than a month after thieves jacked AJ Styles’ belongings at an Arkansas live event, Heath Slater and The Ascension report their rental car was busted into and a couple of their bags stolen in Oakland, California last night (Feb. 13).

Setting aside for the moment why tag team rivals are travelling together, from Heath’s picture, it looks like the break-in occurred may have occurred at wherever they were staying and not at the venue, which would be presumably be an easier target due to lack of security.

Hopefully nothing too valuable was taken, as there’s probably not much chance Oakland police are going to have time to track down Konnor & Viktor’s stuff. Fingers crossed nothing was taken of Heath’s... he does, after all, got kids.

And, piece of advice from a guy who lives in a city with a pretty high crime rate? Don’t leave bags in the car - especially not in plain view.

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